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If you are an aero-modeler and you want to buy an airplane kit to assemble, or you are looking a lab to produce your new airplane model, you found the right place.


We started this lab for our own models creation, we tried many technics, we assembled many kits, we smashed many planes and now, we are producing our own kits.


Those kits are already assembled and tested by us, they are the results of many hours research and tries.

We are very proud for the result and we fearless promoting our models to you.


Our quality is based on a technological synchronous lab of Air Modeling manufacturing which among the other synchronous tools, is also equipped with a 3-axis CNC milling machine,and 120W Laser Machine

We can design, develop and produce accurately your airplane in scale you select.


The CNC milling machine is producing accurate 2D and 3D models in soft material, such as wood up to soft aluminum. The working envelope of the CNC milling machine is relative big, 1,60m x 1,30m x 0,30m.

Our knowledge and production experience with the composite materials is one more strong point that makes the difference between us and the rest market.


Our knowledge and expertise is enclosing the whole process from design to production, we guarantee our products to you, products with high quality and detail level.


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John Dikaioylias