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NAKAJIMA Ki-27 Nate Scale 1:4


Price: 210.00

The Nakajima Ki-27 was the main fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force up until 1940. Its Allied nickname was "Nate" and it was a  low-wing monoplane  which replace the Kawasaki Ki-10 (Army Type 95 Fighter) biplane. The Ki-27 was designed by Koyama Yasushi to have an air-cooled radial engine and fixed landing gear. The aircraft had the Nakajima trademark wing with a straight leading edge and tapered trailing edge which would reappear again on the Ki-43, Ki-44, and Ki-84

Model Feature.

Scale: 1:4                             Designer: Don Smith

Wingspan: 111''(2.819mm)      Length:69''(1752mm)  

Power:62cc and up 

Short Kit include all the wood that needs to be cut out like bulkheads,ribs,formers,fuselage sides,doublers,stabilizer parts,tip shapes,etc.

Plans are not included in the Short Kit.We can purchased them for you in additional cost.

Plans available from www.precisioncutkits.com